Autodesk’s Ralph Bond!


BOTH Hours: Ralph Bond.  Author, Computer America Correspondent. Ralph Bond is with Autodesk and he’s here tonight as one of our Computer America Correspondents. Ralph finds technology items that will blow you away and tonight is no exception! Tonight’s Topics include: Volvo wants robots to help collect your garbage, The …

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Slimware Utilities; News!


  Hour one: Slimware Utilities. Slimware Utilities returns to us in this mnthly one-hour segment as Computer America’s Sponsor.  We will have one of their key people talking about what’s coming up next! _______ Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities! Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology …

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Blacksquare Technologies; News!


  Hour one: Blacksquare Technologies.  Robert Fleming, Founder & President. Blacksquare Technologies has designed, engineered and produced a patented, USB based real time, transparent, on-the-go hardware encryption and key management device they call Enigma.  Enigma is compatible with both WIN and MAC operating systems and any USB protocol.  Further, Enigma …

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Parallels; News!


  Hour one: Parallels.  Kurt Schmucker, Senior Product Manager. Parallels makes Desktop 11 for the Mac which lets you run Windows on your Mac’s OSX desktop!  They’re back to tell us all about Desktop 11 which lets you run Windows 10 at the same time! _______ Hour two: News, brought to …

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David Perry; News!


  Hour one: Computer America Correspondent David Perry. David Perry has been in the computer game for over 30 years, doing everything from Tech Support to being the Educational spokesperson for companies like Trend, Ahn labs, Symantec, Cybermedia and so many more. These efforts have made him one of the …

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