11/20/2012 Show Notes

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“Linux not doing what you want? You’re doing it wrong!”

Talking Points:

  • I have seen many of the frustrations users experience when switching from one OS to another. Most of the frustration and resistance to change is related to the User Interface (UI).
  • Switching to a new user interface can be frustrating, whether you are switching from Windows to Mac, Windows to Linux, or Windows “anything” to Windows 8.
  • As with anything new, you might have to change the way you do what has come naturally in the past.
  • Rather than fight with your computer, spend a few minutes, check the documentation and learn a few tricks and tips.
  • Using the menus.
  • Searching for things.
  • Closing a window.
  • Finding an application.
  • Installing an application.
  • Getting software updates.
  • Getting support.
  • Upgrading your operating system.

Links we discussed in the show:

Linux Mint 14 has been released!


Ubuntu packages: http://packages.ubuntu.com/

System Profiler and Benchmarking:

 HardInfo: a.k.a. “System Information” http://wiki.hardinfo.org/HomePage

 HardInfo screencast (demo): http://wiki.hardinfo.org/Screencast

 HAL Device Manager: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DeviceManager

Ubuntu Enables Audacity Record Streaming Audio