1/15/2013 Show Notes

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“Why do I choose to use Linux?”

Talking Points:
Why do I CHOOSE to use Linux?

  • Choice (choose the distribution that’s right for you… and the desktop that makes you comfortable)
  • Cost (free)
  • Quality (not developed by a handful of developers – thousands of paid and unpaid developers who work on what they love)
  • Can install it anywhere (there is a distribution for almost any hardware)
  • Easy (easy to use and install – boot-up & follow the wizard – drivers & applications included)
  • Convenient (no reboot after installing or upgrading apps, safe apps in “Software Manager” and repositories, no add-ons for OS and apps updates, significantly reduced vendor lock-in)
  • Current and modern (always up to date thanks to repositories and automated updates)
  • Longevity (Linux is here for the long term)
  • Security (choose a superior security model and implementation – security updates for OS and apps built-in)
  • Support (sponsoring vendor, paid support, free documentation, live support chat, web forums, mailing lists and wikis)
  • Try before you “buy” (live CD/DVD, USB media, online demos)

Links we discussed in the show:

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