2/19/2013 Show Notes

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“The oddest places you’ll find Linux… and 10 of the oddest Linux distros”

Talking Points

  • The operating system seems to be everywhere these days.
  • You’d be hard pressed to not find it somewhere in your home.
  • Wikipedia: “Embedded Linux is the use of Linux in embedded computer systems such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), media players, set-top boxes, and other consumer electronics devices, networking equipment, machine control, industrial automation, navigation equipment and medical instruments.”
  • Samsung TV
  • Roku
  • Blu-Ray players
  • Boing 787 In-Flight Entertainment System

Linux in the oddest places: (Use the first link below and view each picture & description.)

  • Linux motorcycle
  • Linux coffee maker
  • Linux milking machine
  • Linux home surveillance system
  • Linux mail sorter
  • Linux traffic signals
  • Linux robots
  • Linux doggie t-shirt

10 Exotic Specialized Linux Distros: (Use the second link below and view each picture & description.)

  • Caine (Computer Aided Investigative Environment)
  • DVL (Damn Vulnerable Linux)
  • Zeroshell (Aimed at embedded systems)
  • Parted Magic (Tools for managing hard drive partitions)
  • Tiny Core (A GUI Linux that installs in <10MB)
  • CAELinux (Computer-Aided Engineering)
  • Musix (for the music artist or student)
  • Slampp (for servers)
  • Ubuntu Christian Edition (for the devoutly religious)
  • Ubuntu Satanic Edition (not the opposite of the Christian Edition – it’s for Heavy-Metal fans)

Links we discussed in the show:
Julie Bort’s NetworkWorld slide show from 2010: http://www.networkworld.com/slideshows/2010/040110-odd-linux-open-source-subnet.html#slide1
10 Exotic Linux distributions:
Wikipedia on Embedded Linux:
DansGuardian web site: http://dansguardian.org/?page=whatisdg
Linux For Devices: http://www.linuxfordevices.com/
787 and Android: http://vr-zone.com/articles/arm-and-google-android-own-the-skies-with-qatar-s-boeing-787/16626.html
Free Open Source alternatives to Adobe CS:
Ouya gaming console built on Android:
Raspberry Pi – A computer for $25?