7/2/2013 Show Notes

Hour one: Social Power  is the platform that harnesses the untapped power of social media to resolve everyday issues, both big and small. It’s simple: Come to Social Power, kick off an issue, share it socially, then when there’s enough support, they coordinate with the people who can help hammer out a resolution. It’s collaboration, 21st-century style.  The time has come for an online platform to turn the tables on the unbalanced, unchecked communication that occurs between large institutions and individuals. It doesn’t take a soapbox and a bullhorn to change the game. All it takes is an Internet connection and a meaningful issue. It would be nice if your issue lead to a resolution for millions.

Hour two: TouchDox is a simple, safe and easy tool that helps you manage your critical documents in digital form, as well as in paper form. It gives you the comfort to access your digitized documents from anywhere – anytime you would want to. And you don’t have to be tech savvy and super organized to get the most out of TouchDox. In fact, it’s made for people who are not so tech savvy or organized.  TouchDox has a zero tolerance policy on information security. Safety and Privacy of your information and your personal documents has highest priority.  Their technology and governance follows processes like the best of the banks in the world, ensuring that you always have peace of mind about your documents.