8/27/2013 Show Notes

Both Hours:  It’s Gamer Tuesday!  Joining us is Computer America’s Gamer Correspondent – Grayson Hamilton.  Recently receiving his Masters Degree of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, he is now employed by Nintendo and is actively pursuing a career in video game journalism.  Tonight we talk about computer games and the latest news regarding gaming software and hardware!

Radio Show Topics (8.27.13)


  1. 1.     Bring Em Out: GamesCom 2013!!

a. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Expansion—too little, too late?

b. PS4 debuts November 15th! How will MS respond? UPDATE** Leaked report says Xbox One to launch November 8th?

c. Microsoft now encouraging self-publishing = more promise for indie titles?

d. Updates on Sims 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, Destiny, Watch Dogs, Day Z, others

2. Neither Needed, nor Necessary: Microsoft makes Kinect optional

a. At first Kinect was required to make system run, then it was needed to be hooked up, but not needed to play, NOW you don’t even need it to run the system/play games/etc

b. Reasoning behind so many reversals?

c. By making Kinect optional, what do consumers gain/lose?

d. Is this losing an edge vs. Sony or Nintendo?

3. The war on video game violence: an Update or sorts

a. Over the Summer, what progress has been made? Congress still holding on the violent video game content research bill introduced in March

b. Entertainment Consumer’s Association launched a campaign against the act, claiming it is merely a distraction from finding the real solution

c. Industry veterans have spoken out against it, most studios remain silent… But why?

d. Is this the right time/place/forum to have such discourse? Where can we change, improve, etc?

4. A new Challenger: Amazon to release a home console this year

a. android-based, home console that can interact and utilize Kindle Fire applications and downloads

b. reported to come with it’s own controller, possibly be entirely internet-based?

c. Only 26% of Ouya owners have actually purchased a full game, would another competitor do any better in the indie/micro-transaction market?

d. How does Amazon stand up vs. Google, Apple, Steam, Ouya, etc?