9/16/13 Show Notes

Hour one: CHAMISA. Pctechmate is a computer repair solution designed to automate the sequence of tasks that a technician would have to perform when repairing a malware ridden machine. Some of those tasks include running diagnostic tools such as rkill, combofix, TDSS Killer and Malwarebytes. Their solution automates the core functions that all of these tools perform. They have also added a pot full of special sauce that ensures even the sickest of PCs get back to running as they should. It debuts in June!  Check it out!

Hour two: Founded in 2001, eFileCabinet began as a cutting-edge tool to digitally store records in accounting firms. As it grew in popularity, eFileCabinet developed into a full-fledged electronic document management solution designed to help organizations capture, manage and protect their data.  Today more than 70,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet solutions to store, share and protect their valuable and confidential data.  Joining us is Matt PetersonMatt is the President & CEO of eFileCabinet.