08-29-14 Show Notes

Both Hours: Author Michael Miller is a proven and successful non-fiction writer on a variety of technical, business, and lifestyle-related topics. He has written more than 150 books in the last two decades that have collectively sold more than one million copies! His best-selling books include The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide, YouTube for Business, and Facebook for Grown-Ups for Que Publishing. He has established a reputation for being able to explain difficult concepts to everyday readers in easy-to-understand language.

Topics for tonight’s show include:

– Update on Windows 9 (Threshold) – technical preview date, acknowledged new features, prognosis, etc.
– Discussion of cheap ($200-$300) Windows PCs vs. Chomebooks at similar prices – why choose one over another?
– Further discussion – who needs a new PC, anyway?

How often do people upgrade today vs. a decade ago?

Are today’s PCs “good enough” for most users without upgrading?

What about simple upgrades (memory, storage) as opposed to buying a new system?