10/30/14 Show Notes

Hour one: Our guest this hour is from True Link Financial. Their True Link Prepaid Visa Card helps you safeguard your loved one from scams and unwanted charges, without taking away their financial independence. The True Link Prepaid Visa card works like a regular Visa Card. What’s different is that you can prevent purchases at specific stores and types of merchants using a personalized fraud blocker. Plus, it alerts you immediately if any suspicious charges do occur. If you need help resolving these charges, their free customer service is on your side. It takes less than five minutes to sign up for a True Link account and order the True Link Visa card for your loved one. Here to explain how it all works is Kai Stinchcombe. Kai is the CEO of True Link Financial.

Hour two: Computer and Technology news brought to you by SlimWare Utilities. Craig and Ben go over all of the latest and newest technology and science stories from around the net. Also open phone lines during this hour.