11-04-14 Show Notes

Hour one:  BeatBuddy.  Any musician can attest that good drummers are hard to come by, many venues don’t have the space for a drum kit, and drum machines aren’t practical for jamming or live gigging. BeatBuddy from Singular Sound solves these issues by giving guitarists, bass players and even keyboard players something they never had before: Complete, hands-free LIVE creative control of a beat.  There’s been a huge buzz in the music community about the revolutionary BeatBuddy drum machine ever since Singular Sound’s Indigogo campaign achieved full funding of its target within a mere 20 hours and proceeded to become the most successful crowdfunding campaign for any musical product! Here with us is David Packouz. David is the CEO and Founder of Singular Sound.

Hour two: Computer and Technology news brought to you by SlimWare Utilities. Craig and Ben go over all of the latest and newest technology and science stories from around the net. Also open phone lines during this hour.