All Linux show. Marcel Gagné, Linux Expert – Thursday, May 21, 2015

Both Hours:  Linux show. Marcel Gagné, Linux Expert.

Marcel Gagné is the author of several books including “Moving to Linux: Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!”, now in its 2nd edition!  Other books include “Moving to Ubuntu Linux.” And his newest title is “Moving to Free Software.”  He was also a Linux Journal monthly columnist.  His column is titled, “Cooking with Linux.”  Please welcome author and columnist, and now Computer America Linux Correspondent… Marcel Gagné to the show.

Marcel’s Comments on Tonight’s Topics:

This should be interesting. I’m writing this message from one of the two new distributions I’m featuring on tonight’s show. I’m even writing it on a live DVD, so we’ll see if you get this.

Wine : French Chardonnay, Yvon Mau (and maybe a single malt Scotch)
Movies . . . went to see Age of Ultron : lots of good fodder for talking about computers taking over the world

A $9 computer system that runs Linux. Yes, $9. Nine.

Distributions : this one is called KaOS — the other is Netrunner. We’ll talk about why they’re great or why they should be considered on the show. Hint, I’m shopping for a new distribution. Yes, again.

Business Linux : We never got around to this last time, but we’ll give it another try. Converting a Microsoft SQL Server database application to Oracle running under Linux.

Games : board games . . . no, seriously.

Instant messagin with a focus on Security (with a capital S)

 – Linux powered rifle goes bang
 – Edward Snowden’s Linux
 – more why DRM is bad, featuring John Deere
 – other various tidbits, rumours, random bits from the Linux world


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