Computer America – Marty Winston, The 40 Year House

Both Segments: Marty Winston, News Tip Bulliten, The 40 Year House.

“When we switched to LED bulbs we saw our electric bill drop and knew we could go more than 20 years without replacing them. Then we learned that LED fixtures last twice as long as bulbs, so we began wondering what else we could do to cut energy costs and avoid maintenance chores for a very long time. That led us to redefine the way the market was treating home automation products into the concept of an autonomous house – one that can adjust itself to the needs of its occupants as well as the needs of the structure, without requiring human intervention.

So we committed to a scary-big editorial project: designing and building a house that comes as close as we can get to fulfilling these goals. But perhaps we should begin with a mutual understanding of how we interpret those goals.” – Marty Winston