Computer America Review: Best iPhone Case of 2016! The UAG iPhone 7 Case

Our choice for the best iPhone Case of 2016

Phone cases are a dime a dozen; there are many on the market, many very simple, and many that take advantage of trends. Now the easy thing to do would be to snag a $4.99 case off the shelf at the convenience store of Spider Man. Most of all, the point of the case is more than to make you stand out. The purpose of the case is to protect an investment. While Computer America receives a lot of cases throughout the year, many forget the purpose of their product. As a result, that’s why we have chose the UAG iPhone 7 Case (Monarch) as the Computer America Best iPhone Case of 2016!


UAG Monarch Platinum
UAG Monarch for iPhone 7 ($59.95)

Notable Features of the UAG iPhone 7 cases (as per

  • Handcrafted, feather-light construction with 5 layers of protection
  • Top grain leather and alloy metal hardware
  • Soft impact-resistant core & honeycomb traction grip
  • Over sized tactile buttons & protective screen surround
  • Meets 2X Military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Case compatible with iPhone 7/6s/6



This case has protection baked in from the ground up, and will be a perfect accessory to protect your device. Furthermore, the leather looks great, the non-slip rubber siding feels secure and durable, and the buttons are all still easy to press. Most of all, the specs that this case meets will most likely exceed any day-to-day activity you subject your phone to. Combine this case with a nice screen protector, and you’ll be using you phone for months or years. As a result, UAG offers a limited 10 year warranty. A company truly believes in their product when they essentially guarantees the life of the product.


Although, no product should be considered perfect, and there are areas that I would like to see improved. Modern phones are beginning to have water resistance. But particles and dirt getting into a phone is a very real concern. Phone users that this case will appeal to would want these points of entry covered as well. The case does not cover the speaker or charging port. Therefore, I feel a small rubber flap or further protection would be preferable to the holes currently there. The rest of the case feels extremely polished, but the bottom leaves me wanting. Also, as an aside, much too masculine in look and feel for true mass appeal.


The UAG Monarch is a great case, when mixed with a quality screen protector, that will keep your iPhone safe and snug. Tested beyond what ordinary phones suffer, and with a 10 year warranty (the best I’ve ever seen), this middle-ranged phone case has high end protection. While not the cheapest, or the most feminine, for the price, I feel it hits everything you want in a phone case. This is why Computer America has chosen the UAG iPhone 7 case, our case of the year!

You can find more information here: Urban Armor Gear Website