Computer America Review: Corbett I Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Powerful Portable Pelt-Proof Speaker, Corbett I Mini Proves Pretty Rugged

Standing out in the portable speaker market is no simple task, considering it’s one of the most crowded spaces in tech. But the formula for a good product is straight forward. Make a compact speaker that sounds clear, is easy to use, and won’t fall apart the first time you drop it off the table. This speaker is small, rugged, and clear to a very polished level. In this review, we explain what we like, and what we don’t like, about the Corbett I Mini.

Corbett I Mini Specs (As per Timolabs)

Corbett I Mini
Corbett I Mini


  • Product dimensions – 3.4 x 2.7 x 3.25 inch
  • Product Weight – 0.7 lb


  • Power of amplifiers – 2 x 4 watt class D
  • Driver units – 1 x 2” Mid-range / 1 x Passive Radiator
  • Frequency range – 10,000 Hz – 18,000 Hz
  • Battery – 1600 mAh


  • Wired – 1 x microSD / 1 x microUSB
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • TimoLabs Stereo
  • Mounting Option – Lanyard / 1/4″-20 Thread




Let’s face it, this thing is decidedly an activity speaker. Therefore, shock resistance mixed with water proofing makes this an ideal on-the-go speaker. It will take a kick, into a pool, and be able to keep playing those funky tunes. We have tested it, and while not a replacement for a volleyball, is great for camping, biking, and just about any activity that would benefit from music. To that point, it has different mounts so that it can be fitted onto sporting equipment, and the boxy design leaves it suitable for just setting down. There is also the lanyard option, allowing it to be tied to any number of objects, adding to the versatility.

Many speakers on the market have to be handled gingerly, and this is the opposite of what the Corbett I Mini promises. The speakers are robust, and for the size, the sound is really clear. Sometimes you sacrifice size for clarity, but the software really does a good job of getting every drop of performance out of its tiny stature. To add to this, the speaker can be paired with another Mini and give it a stereo effect, boosting the performance and giving a much better experience beyond similar sized speakers.


I believe this speaker runs into the same negatives that most in the field do. Over-promising on battery life to appear standard.  Most of all with a 1600 mAh battery, it is about half of similarly priced Bluetooth portable speakers. That added battery storage would certain live up to its 10 hour promised lifespan, but currently, we’ve found it closer to six hours. Six hours will be great for an afternoon out and about, a day at the beach, or a day on the hiking trail, but be ready to have a charging method ready to go if you plan on it lasting longer than an afternoon.


I believe that this speaker fills a niche very well. This is not the best speaker for listening to indoors. This is not the best speaker for long car rides. Yet I can honestly say for outdoor activities that you’ll be hardpressed to find a pair of speakers like these. In conclusion, worth checking out, but just know that you should check these out if you are willing to take advantage of all their features, and not just the fact that they are speakers.


You can find more information at Timo Laboratories: Corbett I Mini