Computer America – Tech50+, Chief Content Officer Gary Kaye!, CES 2017 Coverage, and more!

Both Segments: Tech50+. Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer. And CES 2017 Coverage!

“What comes to mind when you consider technology and folks over age 50? For many who now develop technology, they don’t consider us at all. And if they do, they often consider us technologically ignorant or irrelevant. They have forgotten that our generation, led by folks like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, created much of the technology on which our digital world has been built. But our numbers are too huge to ignore. Tech50+ brings together one of the most experienced teams of journalists on the planet, each of whom has spent at least a generation following hi-tech and understands the needs and perspectives of the 50+ audience. We want Tech50+ to be the website you turn to for products, issues, and help.” –

Join us as we talk about trends in the industry and more concerning CES 2017!