Modulus, When You Need Everything There Can Be!

The Call To Action

Media equipment has gone every which way you can imagine, diverging to focus on unique aspects of the entertainment system. You can upgrade your cable box from your cable provider to give you DVR functionality or purchase a stand alone unit. As well as purchase a Blu-Ray player, or a DVD player, or CD player, FM Radio, Network Attached Storage, Streaming Box, Music Streaming Device, Personal Computer, or any combination of these. Then comes the ever so fun job of inputs, cables, splitters, TV tuners, antennae, and so on. While at Computer America we love to glorify the different, and herald the tech side of life, some times explaining to family and friends your home theater set-up is something we’d rather avoid.  We’ve reviewed every part of this set up before, but never something like the Modulus.

This is why we are awarding the Modulus M1 our Top Tech Award!


I Mean, Just Speaking Physically

Modulus claims to be an all-in-one solution that ends them all! Over the long run, by combining all the features into a single unit, will not only save space and headache, but money to boot! This device (seen left) looks very elegant, industrial, yet modern in its design, incorporating brushed steel and aluminum grates for air flow, along with a single LED indicator for On/Off. Blue accents complete the look, making this device really stand out, yet will fit in any home theater setting. It sports 4 USB 3.0 ports, as well as Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Connecting devices is a breeze. Dimensions don’t seem to be larger than your average cable box.

Why? Mr. Anderson, Why?

This is something we notice with our favorite products. It’s one thing to see a need in a market, and to create a solution for that need. But it’s another for a person to have that need themselves, and be able to solve it themselves. Creator Steve Schulz wanted an all-in-one solution that wasn’t there, and put every toy into the Modulus. You can really tell that Steve wanted to make something unique, and I feel he has done just that. We feel that the future of technology is pushed not by the fortune 100 companies, but by the passionate in their garage.

Where Do I Put All These Features?

Wireless Streaming

The Modulus lets you stream your content from all of your favorite services, such as Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu and more, sign in once and you’re good to go. By combining all the catalogs into a single user experience, the Modulus truly shows you the amount of content at your fingertips.

Ultimate DVD Player

Play your DVD and Blu-Ray Discs or quickly import them into Modulus‘ online library with no quality loss or need for conversion. Plays 4k/UHD formats, which is quite impressive for a product that has been in development as long as this has. A large 12 TB HDD also helps if you’d like to store 4k movies files on your Modulus.

Automatically Skip Commercials

I know this feature has been seen before in many devices, but hey, this time, it actually works! No more having to skip back another 10 seconds because it didn’t stop at exactly the right moment.

SaveTime Mode

This is a really neat feature of this player. This feature is sometimes used by cable companies to great disdain. But now and then you just need to speed up a show by a little to fit it into a busy schedule. Speed up the episode by 10-50%, keeping the audio clear and perfect, not chipmunk-esque.

Media Hub

Super sized 12 TB HDD makes the Modulus really take over any NAS system you may be thinking of purchasing. Store movies, pictures, songs, and more on the central device, then access them from anywhere in the house.

Other Points And Things

The Modulus also comes with it’s unique remote. Features include: Voice, IR, Air Mouse, full QWERTY keyboard on the flip side. Very sleek and one of the best remotes we’ve seen on any system. The main unit (Modulus M1) can be paired with Modulus Mini’s, allowing for full control from multiple rooms, with 6 tuners, so one unit takes care of an entire house even in busy abodes. Price for this monster of a machine clocks in at $3,000 ($2999.98 to be precise), with the Mini’s being $379. But know that you’re making a solid investment into a very future-proof/backwards compatible system for years to come.