Getting “Emoji”nal with MojiLaLa

First Segment: MojiLaLa. Dana Loberg, CEO.

MojiLaLa Unlimited allows you to freely express yourself through every kind of expression and emotion. Use the entire 17,000+ stickers as many times as you want and always find the right sticker to share with family and friends. Artists can submit their own creations as well, expanding the massive library of stickers and emoji’s!

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News

Computer America sets out on the windy plains of the internet. Cliffs of click-bait and rocky shores of bad journalism stand in our way. But out the other side, comes Computer and Technology news. Where we cover stories of grandeur, intrigue, and invention. Tune in for articles such as:

Sony Debuts It’s First OLED 4k TV

Amazon Thinking Of Drive-Thru Grocery Stores

We-Vibe Not Feeling The  Vibe

And more!