Epson America Talks Workforce, Dallas Sirens Hacked, Aging Banking, Here We AlphaGo-Again

First Segment: Epson America. Elliot Williams, Product Manager.

Epson WorkForce® Printers: Discover all the ways Epson’s full lineup of printers can help your business succeed. Whether you work at home, run a small office or work in a departmental workgroup, Epson delivers high-performance business printers for all your business needs.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News

Computer America goes out in search of the latest and greatest in news articles you can find. Today, find stories such as:

Banks Scramble To Find COBOL Programmers

Banks across the country are having a hard time replacing an aging IT population with a generation who simply aren’t learning COBOL.

TESLA Unveils Solar Panels By Panasonic

Tesla have teamed up with Panasonic to show off their latest in solar panel technology. Not a replacement roof, but rather and easy to install system for existing homes.

Dallas Sirens Hacked

Dallas was pestered with tornado sirens on a clear night this weekend, lead to hours of unrest and an annoyed city. Faulty overloaded city infrastructure came back in the form of a hacker taking control of the system.

CIA Hacking Tools Everywhere

Symantec, reveals fingerprints left behind by a variety of tools all used by the CIA in over 40 hacks nation wide.

AlphaGo AI Takes On Another Challenger Next Month

AlphaGo, after defeating his opponent candidly last year, has the new World Champion of Go knocking on their door for a match.

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