VMKings Talks VPS, NASA Finds Oceans, Roku TV Watches, AMD Mid-Range CPU Begins Production

First Segment: VMKings. Walid Elemary, Vice President

VMKings is a Virtual Private Server hosting services provider which aims to offer professional VPS hosting and management services that are not off the shelf. Headquartered in California, our team of experts consists of administrators and developers, who specialize in managed hosting services development, providing cutting edge technology implementation to our customers. We currently operate with several hundred Linux servers for our customers, which are optimized for the most diverse requirements – from classic managed server, e.g. for online shops or Webhosting for agencies, to distributed high-availability cluster with 24/7 support for business-critical applications.” – VMKings

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News

Computer America sends out wave after wave of their own men into the news death cannons. Clogging them with wreckage. It’s a plan so simple, and idiot could have devised it! Stories include:

Another Win For Justice (Department)

The US Justice Department takes down one of the largest global botnets after 7 years. Botnet was used to steal personal information, spam emails, access bank accounts, and more.

Roku TV Going Half Creeper

Like many other services today, Roku TV is scanning what customers watch. This helps suggest future programming and tailoring ads.

NASA Will Have Big Announcement Thursday

NASA will reveal later this week that oceans were found on local planets. Full announcement coming Thursday.

Windows 10 Creator Update Launched

Windows 10 Update includes features for smart homes, virtual trackpad, and more.

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