Alabama Selfie Filing, Net Neutrality Advocates, Tennessee Gives Free Internet, And More!

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Tennessee Gives Free Internet

Tennessee positions itself to pay AT&T $45million dollars in exchange for free basic internet to its residents. The speed is less than that of the city owned network, and cost more in the end.

Alabama Selfie Filing

Next, we have Alabama. Ever the technology hotbed, they proposed a method of filing your taxes with a selfie system. Things are about to get creepy.

Neural Networks Crack Pin Numbers

Neural Networks who were fed a phones motion censor data could then guess the users pin number with some level of accuracy.

Net Neutrality Advocates

Also, Net Neutrality receives a push in the right direction as we continue to move in a direction of a closed/controlled internet. Find what message they sent to the FCC today!

BlackBerry Cashes Out

BlackBerry wins a suit against Qualcomm for infringing on patents held by the smartphone company. $815 million dollars later, BlackBerry has made more in patents than it has in phones.

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