Graphics Expert Dariush Derakhshani Talks MSI, Radeon, TitanXp

Both Segments: Dariush Derakhshani, Graphics Expert.

Computer America Correspondent Dariush Derakhshani joins us once again as we talk all about the latest happenings in the graphics world. Dariush is a long time veteran of the CGI industry, working behind the scenes and educating the next generation of graphic designers. Computer America feels there is no one better to help navigate graphics, teaching you design, the technology behind it, and more! Tune in today as we talk about:

MSI Launches New Mobile Work Stations

MSI announces a new line of mobile work stations. Mobile work stations are laptops on steroids, attempting to bring a semblance of mobility while not compromising on power and performance, allowing professionals to work on the go. These new stations are faster and more efficient, but be assured, these come with a large price tag.

AMD Radeon Announces 500 Series Graphics Cards

AMD Radeon has been capturing the mid range market for months now. And they have tweaked their previous 400 line to better perform and compete against Nvidia. We talk specs, are they worth noticing, and who these are really for.

Titan Xp Released by Nvidia

Nvidia has long held the crown when it comes to high end graphics cards. And they just re-crowned themselves with the Titan Xp, pascal architecture powering a Titan X line of cards. Check out as we talk if it’s the new best in the business, and why it’s so pricey.

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