Internet Custodians Consider Move To Fight Censorship, Google Adblock, Bose Listens As Well

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Internet Custodians Consider Move To Fight Censorship

One of the contributing committees that allocates IP address blocks to Africa announced that no new IP Addresses to countries who shut down the internet. A move to punish those who look to use the Internet as a tool to shut down information.

Google Adblock

Google reportedly looking into a solution to put ad-block in Google Chrome. A bold move as we see the rise of ad-blockers. But also the fact that Google is primarily an ad provider to the internet.

Bose Listens As Well

Reportedly, a man is suing Bose for sending listening meta-data to a date collection company through his headphones. Privacy aside, this is another demonstration to the extent companies are looking to make money off of data post product purchase.

Russia To Ban VPN’s and Proxies

Attempts to circumvent the Russian governments orders to ban certain material from viewing could result in fines and jail time. VPN’s and Proxies are in the cross-hairs as banned material, further allowing the government to not require proof, but making it illegal to even have the basic tools.

Google Home Can Now Discern Indiviuals

Google Home now has the ability to recognize people based on their different voices in a home. There is a training process, but otherwise improves the service beyond humble beginnings.

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