, Mike Cermak Talks Crowdfunding, Hacks, and Microsoft Windows 10 S

Both Segments: Mike Cermak, Owner/Operator is a web forum dedicated to bringing new computer users, veterans, and pros all to the same place. Whether you need help with your printer, computer isn’t starting, or just looking for someone to talk with about your system, has your back. Long time friend of the Computer America show, tune in today for current events, some light troubleshooting, and more with correspondent Mike Cermak. You can see more at his website, as always. We will be covering the following topics:

Apple Has Crazy Money

Microsoft Locks In Windows 10 S Users

Facebook Hires 3,000 Moderators

IndieGoGo, More Like IndieNoNo

Orange Is The New Blackmail

Microsft Surface Laptop

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