Fire Dragon Security Interview, Gmail Prevents Phishing, Android Spying, Bridgestone Big Haul

First Segment: Fire Dragon Security. Sean Galliher, CEO.

“Fully aware that small to mid sized businesses were growing more disadvantaged due to intrusions we set out to even the odds.  During development the concept of “low cost intrusion protection” was born. With one eye focused on the history and habits of internet hackers and thieves we carefully crafted precision tools that are easy to use and help control the growing attacks and infections plaguing the industry today.” – Fire Dragon Security

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News.

Computer America goes out in search of the latest and greatest news stories of the day. Covering business news, current events, product launches, and more! Tune in for stories such as:

Why Windows 10 S Should Succeed

Spray-On Input Controls

TV Industry Mergers On The Horizon

Tesla Collects Video To Improve Self-Driving

Bridgestone Big Haul

Android Spying

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