Yummi.me Talks Foodprints, Prey Didn’t Stand A Chance, Time Warner Throttles, Amazon Echo Show

First Segment: Yummi.me. Pete Wong, Founder.

Yummi is the perfect social diary app for tracking and sharing food experiences. It stores and organizes all your food photos in one place so you can easily recall these moments. Whether you’re eating out, cooking, buying, or blogging about food, you can use Yummi as a personal diary for yourself or log food adventures and share with friends. You have full control. So don’t let those food photos sit idle in your phone or worst yet, delete them. Start a food diary today and make Yummi the home for all food photos. Upload and turn regular images into foodprints.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News.

Computer America goes out in search of the latest and greatest. News stories that is. News stories that pertain to technology. Tune in for articles such as:

Amazon Echo Show Smart Hub

Tesla Doubles Battery Life


Time Warner Cable Throttles Heavy Services

Facebook Breaks Language Barrier

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