DEALRAY Interview, China Busts Data Hustlers, GoPro VR Camera, CD Project Red Hacked

First Segment: Dealray. Dan Kohn, CEO/Co-Founder

DealRay was founded by a passionate team of bargain hunters and global travel fanatics who were frustrated by only hearing about incredible airfare sales and other great deals after the deals were over, and realized a lot of other people felt the same way. DealRay combines world-class analytics with bespoke engineering and the discerning eye of travel experts to scour the internet to discover and publish the cheapest airfare deals found anywhere.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News.

Computer America goes out in search of the latest and greatest of the news stories for the day. Tune in for stories such as:

CD Project Red Hacked, Ransomed

GoPro VR Camera

Amazon Echo Controls Streaming Services

IBM Computing At It’s Finest

Xbox Data Usage

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