GG Media Network, Determining Identity Thieves, Xbox One X, Seagate HDD

First Segment: GG Media Network. Christian Bishop, CEO.

GG Media Network is taking this concept of accessibility and working to give opportunity to gamers when it comes to both consuming premium content as well as creating it. We’re going to make it bothaccessible and fun for people to jump into the space with us. Our goal is to bridge viewers with players, and to work together with our growing community to create the next big things for the industry.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News.

Computer America goes out in search of the newest and latest and greatest when it comes to computer news. Though to be honest, this will be tinted with E3 news as well. Gaming!

Senators Say Binding Arbitration Helps AT&T Dodge Accountability

Canadians’ thirst for wireless data is growing — and so is the cry for unlimited plans

Octuple your Xbox storage with this new Seagate hard drive

The Xbox One X will be great … next year

Researchers have found a way to root out identity thieves by analyzing their mouse movements with AI

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