Yamaha Interview, Rolls Royce Phantom, Google Glasses Live Again

First Segment: Yamaha. Steven Fisher, Product Marketing Manager Acoustic/DTX Drums

Established in 1960 as Yamaha International Corporation, Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) offers a full line of musical instruments and audio/visual products to the U.S. market. YCA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, Japan, and is one of the largest global subsidiary companies.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News.

Computer America went out in search of the best and the biggest technology news of the day! Check out stories such as:

Google Glass Lives Again

Leaked Memo Shows UK Power Under Hack Threat

Comcast Says Net Neutrality Should Be Voluntary

Netflix Subscriber Count

Rolls Royce 2018, Because We Can’t Afford One Either

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