Kodak Ektra Smartphone, Elon Musk, Amazon, Toyota Headlines

First Segment: Kodak. Sara Maddoacks, Brand Manager

For over a century, Kodak has made tools to help anyone create. KODAK EKTRA combines timeless Kodak simplicity with the freedom to capture, shape and share every moment. A unique hybrid of photography innovation and DSLR functionality, KODAK EKTRA puts in-the-moment creative control at your fingertips.  True character is carried in the detail. Every line, every contour, every mark means something.  Steel-rimmed lens. Textured finish. Premium materials. KODAK EKTRA looks and feels like a camera with character. Because it is. From its classic Kodak styling and intuitive design, to the choice of heritage leather accessories, let your smartphone say something about who you are.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News

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