Promise Technology Interview, Netflix’s Big Investment, Intel and AI, 5G Qualcomm

First Segment: PROMISE Technology. Justin Cleveland, Director

Promise Technology, a leader in data storage, today announced the launch of its newest personal storage device, Apollo Cloud 2 Duo, and its companion application. The newly designed device doubles the storage capacity of previous models, yet maintains its sleek glossy white aesthetic and compact size that’s ideal for discreet display. With 8TB of storage capacity, Duo is sure to be the ultimate storage device for those seeking a solution that’s safe, simple and fast. You don’t have to know anything about networking or IT in order to set up your Apollo Cloud. With its two-step setup process, you will be ready to back up your important documents, cherished photos and videos within minutes.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News

Today’s Topics Include:

Intel Aims At The AI Market

Netflix To Invest $8 Billion In Original Content

First 5G Mobile Network Speeds

Pizza Hut Hack

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Projects

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