VR’t Ventures Interview, Cyber Monday Numbers, Comcast Paid Priority

First Segment: VR’t Ventures. Jacob Koo, CEO/Founder.

Impactful museum exhibitions are like unforgettable music albums.  Those music albums are not just a random collection of songs haphazardly put together, but rather, there is a narrative being shared by the musical artist, utilizing the gift of sound.  Brilliant artists, along with gifted curators, also create a compelling story through the actual artworks as well as the placement and juxtaposition of those masterpieces.  In the past, we could only experience this by physically visiting a specific museum in a particular part of the world during a brief period of time.  By properly archiving these exhibitions utilizing only recently available technology, future generations will be able to experience what their predecessors intended.

Second Segment: Computer & Technology News

Today’s Topics Include:

SodaStream Can Make Champagne

Pokemon Go Caused More Traffic Accidents

FCC Ignoring Comments That Aren’t Legal-Speak

Bitcoin Nears $10,000

Comcast Hints At Paid Fast Lanes On Internet Traffic

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