Gamer Tuesday with Cory Galliher, Talking Star Citizen, Mega Man, More!

Both Segments: Cory Galliher. Gaming Correspondent, Senior Games Editor to Popzara

Cory Galliher, associate editor with Popzara Press, spends his days working as a journalist and technical writer and his nights working as a crime-fighting detective. Or maybe he just plays a bunch of video games and messes around with a lot of tech while subjecting the world to his opinions on it all. He’s been with Popzara since the heady early years of 2014 and intends to stick around, meaning the nightmare might never end.

Today’s Topics Include:

Mega Man 30th Anniversary and Mega Man 11 Announcement

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Microtransaction Controversy

Star Citizen Selling Virtual Land Claims

Curse of Osiris Launches

Best and Worst Games of 2017

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