HybridBlock Interview, Lootbox Court, SEC Warns About Blockchain, Chrome Changes

First Segment: HybridBlock. Carson Knuth, VP of Operations

HybridBlock consists of an ecosystem that leverages the power of cryptocurrency. We are focused on the person who just learned about cryptocurrency, the intermediate trader, and the expert day trader looking for the most sophisticated, secure, and reliable trading tools on the planet. We want everyone in the world to have a personalized experience to buy, trade, and learn about cryptocurrency according to THEIR needs.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News

Today’s Topics Include:

SEC Warns Against Blockchain Name Changing

Google Chrome Gets Way Better

Apple Changes iBooks to Books

Chinese Beggars Accept QR Codes

Lootboxes Go Back To Court

And more! For full show notes, check out ComputerAmerica.com!

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