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Craig Crossman, Show CEO / Founder

Craig Crossman
CEO and Founder

Craig Crossman

Founder, CEO, Staff Writer

Phone: +1 (828) 296-0000
Skype: computeramerica

Craig Crossman may have started the show, but his resume goes back further. Highlights include a Computer Science degree from Florida Atlantic University, entertaining in Las Vegas, running an Apple store when Apple was still up and coming, and writing a syndicated column for many years. You might say that Computer America is the natural fusion of his passions, and continues to be his creative project. It’s Craig who brings the journalistic and entertaining aspects to the show.

Ben Crossman, Show Co-host / Quality Officer

Photo of Ben Crossman

Ben Crossman

Host, Quality Officer, Staff Writer

Phone: +1 (561) 906-1857
Skype: computeramerica

Ben is the Host of the show, and his main function is to keep the listener on their toes. His character brings the wit and creativity that are fundamental to the tech culture. Ben enjoys short walks on the beach, and sitting for extended periods of time. His dogs, Zac and Molly, may some times be seen in the background of the live video feed of the show. He continues to innovate for Computer America, branching into web development, writing, and how-to’s.

Please Welcome our newest Computer America Correspondent:

Gary M. Kaye, Founder and Chief Content Officer Tech50+

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Gary M. Kaye

Tech 50+



Gary is an award-winning journalist who has been covering technology since IBM introduced its first personal computer in 1981. Beginning at NBC News, then at ABC News, Ziff Davis, CNN, and Fox Business Network. Kaye has a history of “firsts”. He was the first to bring a network television crew to the Comdex Computer Show, the first technology producer on ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, the first to produce live coverage of the Solar Power International Conference, and the creator of the Fox Business Network signature series, “Three Days In The Valley”. Along the way he created the History Channel Multimedia Classroom. He has been a contributor to both AARP’s website and to AARP radio, as well as to a handful of other print and web-based publications where he specializes in issues involving boomers/seniors and technology. He has been a featured speaker and moderator at industry events such as the Silvers Summit and Lifelong Tech Conferences at CES, the M-Enabling Health Summit, and the What’s Next Baby Boomer Business Summit. His column, “Technology Through Our Eyes” appears in half a dozen newspapers and websites across the country.




Show Staff

Corissa Greene, Booking Goddess / Producer

Corissa Greene

Corissa Greene

producer, booking goddess

Phone: +1 (561) 409-6596
Skype: corissa.greene

Corissa is an expert at whatever is needed for the show. Almost all of our guests have been personally researched, scheduled, and prepared by her before the show even begins. She is also responsible in large part for the organization of Computer America, which helps everyone else complete their tasks with ease. If you are looking to get in touch with the show’s staff, she would be the best place to start.

Expert Correspondents

Marcel Gagné, Linux Expert

Marcel Gagne

Marcel Gagné

Linux Correspondent
Cooking with Linux
Food, Wine, and Linux may seem like a strange combination, but combining three passions can be a wonderful thing. I’m Marcel Gagné. Those of you who read Cooking with Linux, the multi-award-winning column that appeared monthly in Linux Journal magazine for 10 years, likely agree.

Josh Boykin, Gaming Expert with Popzara Magazine

Josh Boykin

Josh Boykin

Gaming Correspondent
With over 25 years of gaming experience, Josh Boykin knows a thing or two about games. Professionally, he’s written about games since 2009 for multiple outlets and attended multiple industry events like the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and more. Josh is the founder of Intelligame.Us (pronounced “us” instead of “u.s.”), a game culture and criticism site that helps people make deeper connections with games and the world they play them in.  He’s also Senior Editor for Find him on Twitter @Wallstormer…

Sandy Berger, Consumer Tech Expert

Sandy Berger

Sandy Berger

Consumer Tech Correspondent
Compu-KISS with Sandy Berger
“As a technolgy expert with over 30 years in the industry I grew to love computers and technology. As a baby boomer, my goal is to bring technology to others of my generation and those older who didn’t grow up with computers. My philosophy is shown in my trademark “Compu-KISS” — Computers & Technology — Keeping It Short & Simple.” – Sandy Berger

Mike Cermak, Tech Support Expert with

Mike Cermak

Mike Cermak

Technical Support Correspondent
President of TechGuy, Inc. (, one of the largest free technical support communities on the Internet. He appears on the Computer America show monthly to answer computer question on the air, troubleshooting, and is an all around knowledgeable guest on a wide variety of subjects.

Ralph Bond, Consumer Tech Expert

Ralph Bond

Ralph Bond

Consumer Tech Correspondent
Personal Website
“I’ve been blessed to be a part of the high tech world for nearly 30 years. Today I work for one of the most amazing companies on the planet, Autodesk. I’m a member of Autodesk’s press relations team and also produce web AV content highlighting customer interviews and case histories. Prior to Autodesk I was a free-lance contractor, and for many years served Intel Corporation. Use the background links in the navigation area for a full work history.” – Ralph Bond

Dick DeBartolo, The GizWiz! Gadget Expert

Dick DeBartolo

Dick DeBartolo

The GizWiz! Gadget Correspondent
Personal Website
DeBartolo appears as a monthly guest of Computer America. He also has a periodic “gadget” segment on ABC World News Now. DeBartolo made over 100 appearances on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, offering purchasing advice about various devices and products. He also runs the website, showcasing new gadgets from around the web.

Matthew Smith, Editorial Expert with Digital Trends

Dick DeBartolo

Matthew Smith

Editorial Correspondent
Digital Trends
Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He is editor of Digital Trends’ computing section.

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