My name is Craig Crossman, and I am the Founder of Computer America. The program is live every weekday, and our purpose with every show is to connect the end user with the engineers and CEOs. We work with our guests to prepare a comprehensive interview (more like a conversation), and we allow our audience to pose salient questions they might have. The show has been on the air for twenty-six years, and during that time we have excelled at two functions:

The first is popularizing new technology. Our staff combines enthusiasm and expertise in the right proportions to make what would have been a headache into a joy for the audience. We also have a small army of correspondents which are experts in their fields. As the Founder of the show, my goal has always been to blend entertainment and explanation into a single experience. My son, Ben Crossman follows in that tradition as Host of the Show with his innate appreciation for tech. Combined, we here at the show are united in making sure our audience is ahead of the curve and aware of how changes in technology can improve their lives. This service is always free for guests and listeners alike, since our firm belief is that this information benefits everyone and bridging this gap is vital for the acceptance and continued development of technology.

The second is in promoting companies and products which show exceptional merit and novelty. Often these companies are start-ups which find themselves facing a global marketplace dominated by the well-recognized names. The key is, of course, well targeted promotion which clearly explains the value.  We can help promote products from global developers to a global audience. Some of our success stories from around the world include PC Tools (Australia), Doodle (Germany), and Slimware Utilities (US). This service is Computer America’s lifeblood, and we would be glad to work with your budget and tailor a campaign which meets your needs.

Check out what past sponsors and guests have said about Computer America:

"I am pleased to announce that our American user base has exceeded our Swiss user base!
This was my aim to get there within the first twelve to eighteen months, and
we've already done that in only nine months thanks to our ad campaign on Computer America!"
--Michael Brecht, CEO @ Doodle
“It’s always fun talking with Craig about the latest tech topics.
He knows his tech, and so does his audience. It’s not just computers anymore!”
--Michael Miller, Author, Musician, and Consultant
"There's a good reason Computer America is the longest running show of its kind.
Each show delivers the latest news and thoughtful commentary when I need to
stay up-to-date.  And Craig and his team do it all with energy, fun and a
great sense of humor."
--Ralph Bond, PR Manager of Engineering/Natural Resources/Infrastructure @ Autodesk
"What can one say about Computer America that no one else has said? Well, they
could say they listen and they like it! Oh wait, other people have said that,
and they've said that for almost 25 years. Me? When I listen, I like it too.
Even the shows I'm on, I like. Go figure. Congrats Craig on a heck of a long run."
--Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz & MAD's Maddest Writer
"There are few if any alternatives for reaching technology-interested listeners 
on a dependable basis, 2 hours per night, 5 nights per week, with the track record 
and unerringly interesting content of Craig Crossman's Computer America radio show."
--Marty Winston, Editor of Newstips Bulletin
“One thing I love about Computer America is that Craig Crossman actually lets his guests talk.
I think he does this because he’s actually interested in how they think and what they have to
say about something, a rarity radio. If someone like Craig can tolerate a know-it-all
blowhard like me and still make me feel welcome, he can tolerate anyone. And he does,
because he’s been on air longer than almost anyone I know. That’s what true success is;
tolerating blowhards. And longevity!”
--Nathan Evans, Managing Editor,

Having said all this, let me introduce you to our staff. For scheduling an appearance on the show, please speak with our Booking Goddess, Corissa Greene or myself, Craig Crossman. For information about product promotion or if you have more general questions or would like to learn more about what we can do for you, The Host and Executive Producer Ben Crossman is standing by.  All of the contact information (and much more) can be found on our website.

Finally, I wanted to personally welcome you to Computer America. Please let us know how we can help you and we hope you enjoy the show!


“Until next time, this is Craig Crossman hoping that your hard disk never becomes floppy. Have a good night, everyone!”

— Craig Crossman, Founder and CEO