Social Media Contests!

Evening, folks! Aaron here to explain a little more in words about how the contests will work going forward. Ever since the beginnings of Computer America it has been about getting the latest technology into the hands of consumers, and that has not changed! Every Friday, the hosts will continue to give out prizes to lucky winners.

Only now, we are catching up to consumer patterns and bringing the prizes to you all, rather than you having to come to us. Look for our pages in the social networks linked in the charms on the right of the screen: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest! All of you social butterflies out there now have five chances to win if you sign up to them all, and if you can convince friends and family to join in the mayhem the odds can get hard to calculate… We will spread the love out by rotating the contests each week, and sprinkling in some exclusive prizes to random networks! So, using simple addition of subscribers:

On Friday, May 22nd, the hosts will choose a winner from Facebook and YouTube subscribers, and

On Friday, May 29th, the hosts will choose a winner from Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest subscribers.

On top of the contest entries for subscribing, we will also be delivering show news and content using these networks. That’s right, stuck in between the lolcats and the pop-culture spoilers will be the Computer America show notes! In case this isn’t enough of a show dose, you can still subscribe to the show itself and receive updates by email every time we post something.

TL;DR: Visit SOCIAL MEDIA CONTESTS and subscribe to all five networks for five chances to win! The winning networks will be rotated each week. You can still subscribe to the show itself below.