Blue Microphones Review, Short and Sweet

Blue Microphone has been a leader in mid-range microphones for a while. So we hold up their flagship Yeti Pro and new Raspberry microphones for review.

Blue Microphones Raspberry Pros

  • Pocket sized
    Blue Microphones Raspberry
    Blue Microphones Raspberry
    • Ready to play Goose to your Maverick. A small bag, or cargo shorts will make you a recording studio to-go.


  • Built-in microphone stand
    • Adding to the convenience of it all, the stylish stand sets up nicely for table-top use.


  • Headphone monitoring with low latency.
    • Plug in headphones to monitor your input, zero latency means you won’t get tripped up from doing so.


  • Classic Blue Microphone design and flair, will look great in any setting.
    • Nice raspberry coloring, beautiful grill, and just all around great design. Expect nothing less.


  • USB or Lightning connection, so no problem taking it on the go!
    • You filthy Mac users.


Blue Microphones Raspberry Cons

  • Less settings than similar priced microphones (including Blue’s!).
    • No settings for multi-directional, interview/duet settings.


  • Doesn’t handle being handled well.
    • Best left on the table or on a tripod, will pick up subtle vibrations for being moved and handled during interviews.


  • Background noise suppression could use some work.
    • Able to be suppressed through proper audio software, still not as good as other mics in this department.


Blue Microphones Raspberry Overview

Raspberry certainly fits a niche that the other microphones in Blue’s lineup don’t fill. And that’s one that you can take with you easily. I have been pulled out of line at airport security for hauling larger mics across state lines, but I don’t feel you’d have that problem here. Obviously, this product suffers for portability sake, but then again, most other mics suffer portability for features sake. The Raspberry starts at $199.99, a great price, and a great product. The drawbacks are by no means deal breakers, and with a little technique, will bring you sound quality better than many others on the market today, portable or not. An absolute stellar addition to the Blue catalog.



Blue Microphones Yeti Pro Pros

  • Great Sound Quality
    • Head and shoulders above most consumer microphones. Seems obvious, but if there is one thing to get right, it’s audio quality.


  • Ease of Use
    • Plug and play, simple to install software on Mac/Windows. Works seamlessly with existing audio equipment.


  • Well Made
    Blue Microphones Raspberry
    Blue Microphones Yeti Pro
    • Everything is metal, no plastic to be found. Has heft, can be used in emergencies to euthanize wildlife via bludgeoning.


  • Variety of Settings
    • Simple to switch from Cardioid (Voice), Stereo (Multiple Sources), Omni-Directional (360 Degree Coverage), and Bi-Directional (Interview/Duets).


  • USB/XLR Connections
    • Comes with variety of connectors included, but ability to use either is great.


  • Looks Sexy
    • Will steal the love of your life, caution.


Blue Microphones Yeti Con Cons

  • Bulky Design
    • Play off of “Well Made”, but if you aren’t used to it, bulky and cumbersome; team lift.


  • Infinite Volume Control
    • Either this microphone can hear everything or it doesn’t tell you when you’re at max. Slight annoyance more than anything.


Blue Microphones Yeti Pro Overview

The Yeti Pro is a standard for a reason. This is a lot of peoples first step into a wider world of high audio fidelity. Where others will get you there, the Yeti Pro get’s you there and brings you dinner. Priced at $249.99, Computer America finds this to be worth every penny. When you’re ready to step up, the Yeti Pro is our go-to recommendation for enthusiasts.