Electronics Entertainment Expo E3 Day 2 Recap

Normally Day 1 would be where the biggest day of the show. Then comes E3 Day 2. As it turns out, Sony is taking top honors and they debut’d with a bang. If you were going to head back to watch the event after, I would recommend the Sony Press Conference above all others. So, Monday was the PC Gaming Show, followed by Ubisoft Press Conference, then capped off with Sony. Below, find the relevant news to each. Enjoy!

E3 Day 2 PC Gaming Show

A portion of the show dedicated to all things PC and PC related gaming. Lots of other little announcements when it comes to release dates for titles, development updates, and lots of Intel plugs. Below are the games that were shown off first.

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Trailer – A turn based RPG, sequel to XCOM, but with an added twist of the nemesis system. Think Shadow of Mordor.

Ooblets Trailer – A sandbox-type game with creatures, activities, farming, and Sims-style game play.

Tunic – Action-adventure game, made by a sole developer, and looks pretty adorable.

Griftlands – Turn based RPG game with a sci-fi bent to it. Looks interesting. 

Age of Empires Definitive Edition – Remastered Age of Empires, because hey, old stuff that looks new is new, right?


E3 Day 2 Ubisoft Press Conference

Ubisoft came in with a series of games that left people happy, upset, and more than a little confused. Some Rabbids probably didn’t need to be there, but plenty for everyone to chew on. A great show!

E3 Day 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – The long awaited sequel, the trailer has finally been released (only a decade after the first game).

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Mario and Rabbids crossover. Combines characters from both into a turn based strategy game.

The Crew 2 – Need for Speed style racing game. 

Far Cry 5 Gameplay – Next installment of the survival first person shooter game. Mature content.

Skull and Bones – A pirate open world game, pitting players against each other in massive Naval combat.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Space roleplaying game that pits you against “The Legion”.

Transference – A new type of experience that bridges the gap between movie and game, helping with PTSD. 


E3 Day 2 Sony Press Conference

Sony has, in recent years, really given the gaming audience what they wanted. And it shows in the console sales numbers. Great games, great variety, and some VR thrown on top, Sony made sure there was something for everyone at this event.


E3 Day 2

Days Gone – Zombie (I know, ANOTHER zombie game) survival game with a bit of stealth and RPG elements. Looks actually really good!

Detroit Become Human – Androids rising up and taking their humanity back from humans. Looks like a really great anarchy game though.

God of War: Be A Warrior – God of War, what more to say? Check out the trailer and be ready to wait.

Gran Turismo Sport – Car Racing, same every year, yet new every time. 4k resolution and all that jazz.

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Expansion – First expansion to the popular RPG/survivalist game with robot dinosaurs.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake – This game has long been a favorite for many gamers, and it is getting a new look, with spiffy new physics. 

The Inpatient – A sequel to the 2016 acclaimed PSVR game Until Dawn.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Post-Nathan Drake Uncharted, all the same action and adventure. 

Spider-Man – Gameplay footage that looks really great and fun to play. Plus, Spider-Man!


While this is not everything, we feel this pretty well captures the biggest games at the show today. Check back tomorrow for another recap, as well as our recap of Day 1! All available at ComputerAmerica.com!