Pink Faux-Suede Laptop Tote 17″ By Mobile Edge – Review

So what’s a lady looking for in a laptop case?  I managed to talk my son out of an early Mother’s Day gift, and it was totally worth the begging.

Mobile Edge has made the perfect “day to day into the office laptop bag”, that also covers all the “traveling on the plane with your laptop” requirements.  Having worked my way through five, yes five, different leather briefcases through the decades, I know what I want in a tote.  I know the features some of my others were lacking, and some things that were put in the standard black totes and soft-sided briefcases that were a total waste of space.

How It Looks!

The first thing I noticed about my gift was the buttery soft handles and cover on The Pink Faux-Suede Laptop Tote 17″ (as I’m first and foremost tactile).  Now the important stuff:  The handles are the perfect length – long enough to fit over your shoulder comfortably, but short enough that I’m not dragging the bag on the ground if I hold it by the handles.  Some of the men’s cases on the market totally don’t work for me – but that is mostly what women had to deal with in the ’70s, ’80s, etc.

How It Holds!

It has an outside pocket perfect for the Metro card and your cell phone.  All of the other features are tucked snugly behind a big zipper – so take THAT rain, snow, pick-pocketers, or tired women who have  tipped over their purses and had everything fly out everywhere.  Bad things happen when you’ve spent 14 hours at the office in one day…Right?  The overall dimensions are 18″x14.5″x5″.  It has a sturdy feel without being too heavy; and feet on the bottom that are substantial enough to REALLY keep it off restaurant or train floors.

The removable laptop case holds up to a 17″ widescreen.  You can take it out and put it back in the tote without breaking a fingernail; and it has a snuggy velcro clasp with good adjustment if you’re toting something smaller.
The entire interior is well thought out.  Their slogan for the Caring Case Collection is “Designed for women, by women, for the benefit of women” — and you can tell.

There are plenty of small and large pockets (two with velcro closures, again) on the interior sides for dropping in your keys or inside storage of your sunglasses, books, cell phone and charger, etc.  There is still plenty of room to carry standard size or legal file folders and notepads!    Let me repeat myself – it is well designed.

Show Me The Extras!

Next is the “Detachable Cosmetics Pouch”.  Thirty years into a career with lawyers, I’m not sure if I would use it for cosmetics strictly.  The pouch is certainly large enough to be thought of as a purse.  I might use it instead for my wallet, a few pens, and a tube of lipstick, and then forego carrying my purse everywhere.  I can’t think of any personal items I would need to carry that wouldn’t all fit in this tote, now that the babies are grown and I’m not dragging a diaper bag everywhere.

Last, but not least, it comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty AND is reasonably priced – though I suggest you get the children to pay for it.  Better yet, how about a Mobile Edge gift from all you Big Companies to your overworked, yet spectacular workforce!  You couldn’t make a better choice.  Check out all the selections from Mobile Edge.  It’s worth it!

Computer America Mom

P.S.  10% of the retail of each case from the Caring Case Collection is donated to a Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.  I miss you every minute of every day, Sissy.