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Razer Acari Review – Big Improvements With Low Resistance

Mouse pads/mats are an often overlooked accessory when it comes to any setup. I remember when growing up, I would use just about anything I had handy to work the mouse. More often than not, that was a free AoL disk that came in the mail we never used.

But now, we have improved. While I wouldn’t say I am the most proficient at FPS games, I do realise that having a quick flick is important. For the quickest movement, it’s hard to beat a mat like this. And playing for hours upon hours a day can start to take its toll. So here is our Acari Review from Razer.

*Remember to stretch every 15mins and full stretch every hour*

The Razer Acari has really set the standard for hard topped mouse mats. The low friction surface registers every small movement of the mouse. It’s super durable and easy to clean. Upkeep is minimal over a soft mouse pad. Thin profile as well, if that is a consideration for you.

At the end of the day, this decision will come down to preference. Razer has a wide range of soft/hard mats, large/small, and LED/simple options. But as far as the larger, non-RGB, and hard smooth mouse mat, this is one of the best in terms of durability and quality.

For more on this particular mat, please check out the product page at the Razer website.
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