Computer America – Autodesk’s Ralph Bond!


BOTH Hours: Ralph Bond.  Author, Computer America Correspondent.

Ralph Bond is with Autodesk and he’s here tonight as one of our Computer America Correspondents. Ralph finds technology items that will blow you away and tonight is no exception!


Today’s topics include:

A humanoid robot diver that is a submersible avatar

Creepy aquatic robot snakes are straight out of ‘The Matrix’

A Beautiful Mexico City Building that Eats the City’s Smog

Siemens is building a swarm of robot spiders to 3D-print objects together

Carbon fiber strings make a Japanese office building earthquake resistant

The pocket radar: Get ready for phones that can look through walls!

The Hyperchair gives employees access to their own personal set of climate controls!

A camera that lets you shoot real Polaroid film through an iPhone app

An automated system that lets you capture yourself as you move through a scene, with no human camera operator required!

and SO much more!

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