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Hour one: Darkmire Entertainment. Sean Burgoon, Founder.

Founded in 2011, Darkmire Entertainment is a one-man game studio led by San Francisco developer Sean Burgoon. Offering a special blend of comedy and grim determination, the Industrial Light and Magic alum survived the feast and famine (or more accurately the famine and famine) of the Kickstarter gold rush to produce his premier title, Tom vs. The Armies of Hell.  Inspired by movies like Army of Darkness and Office Space, the story of Tom vs. The Armies of Hell is told through a combination of in-game cutscenes, and animated/voiced 2D cinematics for major game events. During your adventure you’ll face off against a variety of enemies including hordes of demons, an army of mechanical automatons and a host of dangerous bosses. From the crumbling remains of Tom’s office complex to the eerie Bog of Agony and the fire-blasted Fortess of Wrath, you’ll need all your twitch skills to survive and find a way home.


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