Society for Information Display, Destiny 2 Mega-Show, Net Neutrality Neutered

First Segment: Society for Information Display (SID). Sri Peruvemba, Board Member and Chair of Marketing

Society for Information Display is comprised of the top scientists, engineers, corporate researchers, and business people of the display industry, valued at over US$100B annually. SID was formed in 1962 to promulgate display technology, and that work continues today, publishing a monthly Journal of SID, Information Display magazine, and our annual Digest of Technical Papers, which is presented at our annual spring Display Week Symposium and Exhibition. These publications are available online without additional charge for members.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Computer America!

Computer America searches low and lower for the best news stories on the internet. Find out about stories today such as:

Destiny 2 on PC Won’t Have Dedicated Servers

Yup. No Beuno.

Destiny 2 Adds Raid Support for Solo Players, Clans

A big pain point with Destiny was the lack of available players when playing solo.

Destiny 2 Can’t Handle on PS4 Pro

4k/60 fps not possible on the latest console hardware.

IBM Forcing Employees to Back Up

Remote workers for IBM are told to make backups or to leave the company.

Net Neutrality Neutered

The repeal process has started to do away with Title II classification, reforms starting.

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