Airlines Manager Interview, AMD Threadripper Released, Disney Data Collection

First Segment: Airlines Manager. Thomas Jarillon, Manager of US and UK Territories.

Being an Airline Manager is not an easy task, and requires lots of skills. In order to see your company grow, many decisions must be made. Purchase used or factory aircraft with a seat configuration of your choosing. Analyze destinations to find the most profitable routes in an organic world where demands constantly change. Handle marketing campaigns on your routes and airline. Manage your staff in order to keep a healthy company.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News.

Computer America brings you the latest and greatest in the technology news. This can be anything from policy, products, or updates. Tune in for stories such as:

Vertu Sells It’s Phones For “Cheap”

10 Minute Silent Song Topping Charts

FCC Wants To Redefine Mobile Broadband

AMD ThreadRipper Launch

Disney Mobile Games Collecting Too Much Data

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