Jackpot Digital Interview, Microsoft Ditches Skype For Business

First Segment: Jackpot Digital. Jake Kalpakian, President/CEO

Founded in 1999, Jackpot Digital Inc. (formerly Las Vegas From Home.com Entertainment Inc.) is a Canadian publicly listed company. Jackpot Digital is a leading electronic table game manufacturer and mobile gaming provider for the cruise ship industry and regulated casino industry. Jackpot Digital specializes in multiplayer gaming products, including poker and casino games, which are complimented by a robust suite of back-end tools for operators to efficiently control and optimize their gaming business.

Second Segment: Computer and Technology News

Today’s topics include:

Levi’s Smart Jacket For Commuters

Cloudflare Promises DDOS Protection

Comcast Starts Ditching Set Top Boxes in 2018

CRISPR Gene Editing Could Lead To Better Birth Rates

WAYMO Demands Uber Pay $2 Billion Dollars

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