Popzara Magazine Interview, Talking Amazon Key, Arabian Robots, Patreon

Both Segments: Popzara. Nathan Evans, Managing Editor, Co-Host of Safe Spaces

Loud, brash, and thoroughly verbose, the other half of the Safe Spaces hosting duties lay with a veteran editor constantly fighting the good fight against cynicism and disenchantment. As the managing editor at pop-culture skewing Popzara.com he does his damnedest to keep asinine politics from mucking up the works, a battle that rages on. Whether its print, online, podcast, or radio he’s gone head-to-head with politicians, CEOs, cartoonists, developers, and anyone else on the path to journalistic purity.

Today’s Topics Include:

Microsoft ceases production of the Kinect

Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door

Rotten Tomatoes’ Facebook show gives you weekly movie advice

Saudi Arabia ripped after granting citizenship to robot

Patreon is adding support for WordPress, Slack, and other platforms

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