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Catalyst Case Review: The Best Damn Waterproof Case

CatalystShort and Sweet and To The Point

Phone cases. We’ve done them before. And we try to be very selective about doing them too often. Because let’s face it, there are a LOT of them on the market. And this particular niche is probably less necessary due to new iPhones being water resistant. Emphasis on resistant, and not proof. But we recently put the Catalyst iPhone 7¬†($89.99) cases to the test, and found them extremely capable!

Those Poor iPhones

This is going to come down to a little personal preference, but take this from someone with a checkered past with phones. I have left phones exposed in a rainstorm. I have run them over with trucks (and then parked on them), and I have dropped them from every height. And none of these were on purpose. So when choosing a case I keep an eye on durability above all else. If you want a simple custom look, there are cases for a fraction of the price. But they will only do a fraction of what this case does!

In Review, Adding Your Catalyst

Waterproofing, shock proofing, really life proofing your phone against the elements protects is important. Because not even Apple is confident enough to say their phone is water proof. Simply slap on a Catalyst case, and you’re good to go. I found the minimalist design to be sleek. And the buttons are all still easily accessible. No undo stress when pressing them or turning on/off the phone.

The only pain point coming in sound quality, which makes sense. If you find yourself to be a power user of your phone as a… well, phone, you might want to consider investing in a convenient Bluetooth mic. But other than this obvious drawback, the Catalyst case is easy to install, barely adds bulk to the phone, and protects it from whatever I seem to throw at it. The phone you put inside the case will be the phone you take out of the case. Protect your investment, it’ll save you a lot of frustration!