Short Review: Canless Air System X3 Hurricane, Must Have

Short article, because my point is simple.

For years, I have gone through my fair share of canned dusters. They’re expensive, they’re short lived, and definitely not good for the environment. Never had an alternative though unless I wanted to get out the vaccuum and suck.

But after having used the Canless Air System X3 Hurricane for a few days, I can honestly say, I am dusting things because can.

Variable attachments, rechargeable battery, and continuous stream of pressured air come together to make the perfect tool for those maintaining computers/gadgets. The ONLY downside to this product is the noise. While other reviews have described it as “the sound of an electric razor”, it is much more piercing than that. Please use ear protection when using this product for extended periods of time.

Although I will say, mother, that I am not sure if I can use it to fill party balloons.

Selling for ~$150, it is an investment that should pay for itself over the course of 30ish cans.

Highly recommended.