MSI’s Trident, Infinite, Aegis, Codex Gaming Desktops Announced – CES 2021 Coverage

MSI, one of the best in the business when it comes stylish gaming equipment and business solutions, is coming to market with a refresh of its most popular line of desktop computers. Enhancing each with a MSI RTX 30 Series GPU.

Soon to debut at CES 2021, MSI will be showing of and announcing the Trident, Infinite, Aegis and Codex gaming desktops featuring GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs.

MSI Suprim

The boosted performance of the real time ray-tracing capabilities of the RTX cards is a considerable improvement over the 20 Series of GPUs from Nvidia. Many of the latest games are now supporting RTX, and while competitors are racing to meet the new standard, the 30 Series is the most capable on the market.

“MSI became the most trusted name in gaming and esports because everything we do is driven by three principles: breakthroughs in design, pursuit of excellence and technological innovation. We know gamers value reliable performance, realistic visuals, authentic sound, precise control and smooth streaming when choosing a PC, which is why we designed the new lineup to exceed our customers’ expectations in each of these categories.”

Andy Tung, CEO of MSI

Each line by MSI hits different price points, from the entry level, lighter priced desktops, to their high end, no expenses spared builds. You can find more information at the MSI website.

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